BioCreative IV

BioCreative (Critical Assessment of Information Extraction in Biology) is a community-wide effort for evaluating text-mining and information extraction systems applied to the biological domain.

BioCreative IV consist in the following Tracks

  • Track 1: Interopetability (BioC)
  • Track 2: Chemical and Drug Named Entity Recognition (CHEMDNER)
  • Track 3: Comparative Toxicogenomics Databasa curation (CTD)
  • Track 4: Gene Ontology curation (GO)
  • Track 5: Interactive Curation (IAT)

In the field of biological text mining and to continue the development of a system for identification of chemical compounds, we decided participate in the BioCreative IV implementing a system for the CHEMDNER Track. We have used as a starting point the previous work done in collaboration with the research group of Dr. Valencia.

Team: Anabel UsiƩ, Joaquim Cruz, Jorge Comas, Francesc Solsona and Rui Alves.

Objective: Participate in the CHEMDNER Track implementing a system for the identification of chemical mentions. CheNER-BioC is a named entity recognition tool for identifying mentions of chemicals in text.

Results: CheNER v.2 tool (you can download it here).