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Chapter 3: Selecting your organism of interest

After you have registered and activated your account you can fully use Biblio-MetReS. When you double click on the Biblio-MetReS icon, a login window opens (Figures 3). Please enter with your Username and Password.

figure 3

Figure 3: The login window

Once you're logged in, the Organism Selection window will be shown (Figure 4). Here you can select your organism of interest from a list of more than 1000 organisms with fully sequenced genomes that is available.


Figure 4: The window where the users select their organism of interest

To continue using the program you have two options. You can select a predefined list of genes. If you do so, Biblio-MetReS will open a windows with a text field where you can insert the names of the genes you are interested in (Figure 5).


Figure 5: The window that allows users to insert pre-defined gene/protein lists

When you click next, the application will contrast the gene names you provide with the genes that are in the database. We use KEGG and NCBI standard nomenclature and synonyms. If you provide gene names that are not in our database, the program will warn you and discard that gene. Alternatively, you can load all genes from the organism and select those you are interested in the next window of the program. To do so, just select “No” when answering the question “Want to select a predefined list of genes?”. Then, click the “Start Model” button (Figure 4).

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