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Chapter 2: Downloading Biblio-MetReS and registering for usage

Biblio-MetReS can be downloaded from this link (Figure 1). This application is written in JAVA and has been extensively tested in both Linux and Windows systems.Some testing was also done in MAC operating systems.

figure 1

Figure 1: Download page from Biblio-MetReS

Once you download the program, please create a directory in your computer where you will place the application (e. g. c://Program Files/Biblio_MetReS in Windows or /home/(“user”)/Desktop/ in Linux).

Before you first use the program you need to register. There are two ways to do this. On the one hand you can double click on the program. A Login window will appear.

This window has a link to the Registration page. Click that link and your browser will open that page. You need to fill in the form and submit it. On the other hand you can directly go to the registration form at this web page and fill in the form.

figure 2

Figure 2: Biblio-MetReS User Registration Web Page

Once you have registered, you will be send an e mail with your login name, your password, and an activation link. Clicking this link is essential for your user to become active.

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